Build HSE core competences      
Building HSE core competences is an important strategy of Sennics. Guided by the 13-element HSE system of Sinochem Group, the company makes further breakdown and creates and effectively implements a 24-element HSE system.

Promote safe and green production process
Guided by the "safe and green" production concept, Sennics continuously promotes process improvements, and adopts new technologies related to "RT base low-temperature liquid-phase catalytic hydrogenation", reducing 99% of the total industrial wastewater. The company also achieves zero emission of wastewater to the outside during the entire production process, promoting the harmonious coexistence of chemical production and environmental protection.


Unleash the full potential of HSE
Sennics gives full play to HSE's values for protection, influence, and creation, and continuously improves the HSE management system. The company has passed the OHSMS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001: 2004 environment management system. By actively applying for projects related to the work safety standardization of enterprises, the company has been fully enhancing its HSE management capability.

Fulfill "Felt Leadership"
Sennics continuously carries out "Felt Leadership" in an in-depth manner, and promotes enterprises to transit from rigorous supervision and management to self-management and team management, so as to truly transform from "I am asked to be safe" to that "I want to and will be safe", develop a culture that "everyone wants to and will be safe", and promote the upgrading of the safety management culture.