Two Programs of Sennics Won Second Prize of the Sinochem Group's First Huaxiang Cup Innovation and Creativity Competition

On September 21, during Sinochem Group's First Huaxiang Cup Innovation and Creativity Competition, the "S Product Upgrading Program" submitted by Sennics won the second prize of the "innovation boosting upgrading" activity, and the "N Product Incubation Program" won the second prize of the "creativity leading future" activity.

Sennics' S Product Upgrading Program involves the company's transformation of technical routes for traditional T products and the upgrading of T products to S products, solves the economic and environmental problems for traditional processes, and greatly increases the content of active ingredients in products. Sennics' antioxidant S processes and technologies are leading the world, and have obtained 12 patents for invention. In the future, Sennics will continue to improve production processes and product quality.

The "N Product Incubation Program" is a new-type product developed by Sennics to meet market demands. The product is healthier and safer with better performance and customizable formulas. Later, we will work with key customers to accelerate the applied research, application, and mass production of the product, and provide customers with integrated solutions that can deliver better performance.

Sinochem Group's Huaxiang Cup Innovation and Creativity Competition is an event hosted by Sinochem Goup in accordance with the initiative of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation launched by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and relevant requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), with an aim to drive the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, explore the group's innovation incentive mechanism, stimulate the innovative vitality of all employees, integrate internal and external wisdom and innovation resources, spawn new products, technologies, modes, and formats, and boost the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological results. The programs in the competition are divided into two categories: the "innovation boosting upgrading" activity and the "creativity leading future" activity, for each of them there are two first prizes, four second prizes, and 10 third prizes.