Rubber Antioxidant

Although rubber antioxidants serve your lives all the time, you might not know them. Due to the rise of income, the number of private cars grows rapidly and is expected to exceed 100 million in China. From an economic perspective, people always hope that their tires can last longer. However, unfavorable factors like sunlight, high temperature, oxidation , and rainfall might accelerate the tire aging process or even bring about potential safety risks. The green rubber antioxidant produced by Sennics can effectively prevent rubber aging without toxins and has become one of the important raw materials for well-known tire manufacturers across the globe.

Believe it or not, your tires might also use the rubber antioxidant produced by Sennics.

Insoluble Sulfur

Do you know it? Although the surface of regular car tires look like rubber products, their internal structure is not that simple, let alone high-performance radial tires. The insoluble sulfur provided by Sennics can help stick tire materials (including cords, steel wires, and rubber) together more solidly, effectively prevent rubber blooming, improve the heat- and wear-resistant performance,? and enhance overall structural strength to make high-speed driving safer.